When your presence has been lifted

Whilst you are amongst men

And you are placed in seclusion

by inevitable forces

You are forced to keep aloof

All contact broken;

near dear and friends of the Way

a mighty cave where all seems dark.






Howling winds

Faint whispers

Despairing thoughts


This niche beholds a magic lantern

Withholding immense light

Light for your soul

Mysteries for the heart

The beloved retreated

To the cave of Light;


For he was called,

‘The chosen one’

An invitation from the Lord of the heavens

To receive the greatest of all of Trusts

Now cherish your seclusion.


A blessing

Divine mercy

Select souls must retreat

From time to time

To gather

Recollect, receive

And prepare to transmit;

The Sacred Trust.


Be at peace in the cave

For this was never meant to last forever.

(July 09)





The expulsion of beauty from a poet’s lips is akin to the labor of love.

Without Love and Pain how can we comprehend the joy of birth?

The production of wine has begun!


Fruits carefully selected and pressed;

Feelings ferment in the poet’s heart

Stored in the quarto barrel

Turn to wine in the mortal cellar



Corks unscrewed by select tasters

Connoisseurs await eagerly








Sipped in regal goblets…

Each line drenched in the spirit of the Wine

Every letter a drop

Every word a sip

Drink, Drink!

Let the wine soak into each cell



Let it flow through your blood

Each vein a heavenly river

Gushing with urgency

Carrying Laila’s message speedily to the Divan;

The sacred chamber for all mankind.

Where Heaven and Earth reside

Where Love and Sorrow intermarry

A Darbar where secrets manifest

A traveller’s refuge

A seekers retreat

A lounge for discreet affairs

A monastery for the devoted ones

A drunkard’s haven


Now seat Laila’s love

Upon reserved seats

Ferment them like Majnoon did

When the New Wine is ready


(Bedu Sept 18/09)


Sorrow the Visitor

Sorrow the Visitor


Poetry thrives on sorrow

Sorrow knocks at the door

Of the poet’s heart

It comes without invitation

Stays as an old guest

And leaves without permission

Sorrow ignites the secret fountain

As a flame ignites a dynamite

Come again my sweet friend

Come back to me so I may see.

(may 07)

Poetic Healers

What’s your treatment for the sick?

A dash of this or that?

How about paralysis?

No Thank You.

Our treatment; poetry

Healing hearts

Poetic Healers


Curing the blind

Detoxifying bodily waste

A full blown purge

Our medication?


Preparing, testing

Samples distributed

From the lab of infinity

To the absolute sick

They drink

We observe, analyze and speculate

Re administer upon the need

Patient cured

Treatment; successful.