Prisoner of Love

Prisoner of Love!


No permission to act upon our will

No permission to meet and greet  our choice of men

A prisoner of love.


Food and drink has little meaning

We thrive and survive on love

Our sole sustenance

A prisoner of love.


Deprived of sleep

Slumber a crime

A prisoner of love.


Inner state forever changing

People of States- never stagnant

A prisoner of love.


Posing to be like the rest

Unable to explain our state of affairs;

Men unable to understand:

our worry, our love, our sincerity

A prisoner of love.


Shackled in chains of love

Our destiny;

A prisoner of love.



Our Religion is Love

Our Religion is Love

I was blindfolded without notice

Ushered into a cave

I tried to find the entrance

It disappeared!

Stone walls surround me

I search like a blind man

Hard rocky cold surface

Earthen floor

Low ceiling


I press against the walls

I stumble upon hidden doors

Secret passages



As I enter each one I find occupants already present;














Their Meditation

All engrossed in their works

All passionate

All full of love and light

We discuss and share

Speak in our own language

Exchange glances

Release the inner locks

Express our hearts

Share our works

Embrace and Depart


An invisible web

Where all reside

Where all work

Where all connect

Where all recognize

Where all comprehend

Where LOVE prevails

Where LOVE transcends every ideology and thought


It is our religion, our life, our breath

We are people of the Heart.

(August 30/2009)


None but You

None but You

Every breath is You

Every thought is You

Every beat is You

Every moment is You

Every sound is You

Every sight is You

Every touch is You

Every taste is You

Every fragrance is You

None exists but YOU.

(July 09)

Look at Me

Look At Me

My state becomes melancholic if you turn your face from me. I yearn for your response and ache to hear from you. My soul has fused with yours, we are ONE separated by physical body only. When I pass by your dwelling, like Majnoon I wish to enter. Leaving all behind, I burn to be in your company; to be with you in solitude.

I Fell in Love with All

I Fell in Love with All

I fell in love with the sun, the moon, the stars

Trees rocks, and the bird.

I fell in love with  people, strangers and friends

Those souls you brought in front of me

I loved


For you.

EverthinG has become a means to love you


Now all  has been snatched from me


 No sun, no moon, no stars

trees, rocks or birds

No people

Nowhere in sight

I’ve been stripped bare

I am a prisoner

Who knows not between

day or night

All those I was in love with have gone

Nowhere in sight

Was I thinking this love was the end and all

The proof of love for Thee?

The test is now


Now I am alone

My heart broken


My thirst unquenched

An insatiable appetite

My heart must turn to Thee

Yet I continue to spin

My vision blurred

My heart a compass

I search to set my heart upon..

Yet nothing left

No options

                                                 Oh most sought after One!

I spin, I turn,

I’m in a daze

I have fallen

Lift me



Cellular Love

Cellular Love

Your voice resonates through every cell in my body.

Your being has fused completely with mine.

I seek to know who you are, yet only to find in reality ME!

We speak and chat all day long, I call upon you from miles away, instantly you arrive.

Is this magic, have I gone mad?

Am I drunk in hallucinations and wild imagery?

No, we both are funnels to the same source

leading to the Jar of The Divine.


Bulls Eye and the Archer

Bulls-eye and Archer

The skill full archer sought its target

So many to choose from

He desired only this one

When his arrows were shot

Bull’s eye it was!


Arrows exhausted

Barrel empty

He retreats to the mighty fort

Head down

Downcast eyes

Heart dismayed


Suddenly, his name is sung in a heavenly melody

He turns back in utter delight

The target comes to life!

In the image of his beloved

‘My arrows hoped to reach your heart,

yet little did I imagine this to manifest,’ says he.

‘Well, my chosen one,’ she sings,

‘Did you not see my eyes through the same bulls-eye?’

‘Verily I sought you first,

You were my target.’

‘All these years my gaze of love was on you!’

‘Only now you’ve turned My way!’

(Bedu sept 5)