Art of Communication

Art of Communication

Through Love
We have acquired the art of communication
That is to say, knowledge without all the apparent means
The subtleties of the finest specimens;
We can feel, hear and see without blemish.
Blood transfusion
Heart transplant
Organ donation

You are part of Me now
A crystal ball is what appears
A bird’s eye view from a hill top
Tune in my friend
And you too shall feel
hear and see

Sound Waves
Sacred breath
Tear drops
A shattered heart

All you need is to reciprocate…
Welcome aboard!


Oh Beloved One

With every glance I see You

your  reflection through all

I see not what is apparent but You, the reality behind all that exists

I try to look elsewhere, yet only to find You once more

Shall I utter that You are here, within and without, all around and everthing shines forth your Light?

Call me heretic, but my eyes lie not!

Call me a mushrik, but my heart lies not!

Call me a lunatic, yet I am insanely mad!

Call me as you wish, for my only wish -your Face!

The Light of Yusef

The Light of Yusef

Yousef’s body thrown into a well

Zulaikha’s heart thrown into a bottomless well called love

Yusef a Prophet

Zulaikha a plain mortal

Yusef was jailed

Zulaikha was blamed

His crime, innocence

Her crime, Love

“I fell in love with light

Through Yusef, I saw habib and through Habib I saw Him

This light took over my being

My heart melted

My body reacted

Today they perceive me as a sinner

Tomorrow I shall be with the lovers

For I await the day where the promise to be with those you love shall be fulfilled.”

Respiratory Love

Respiratory  Love

Take turns

Exchange breath




Speak through breath

Hear none but breath

Express your heart through breath

Desire only breath




Respiratory Love is our game my friend!




I have yet to eat

My appetite no more!

Bismillah Bismillah

I  sleep like a feline

never in deep slumber!

Bismillah Bismillah

It is this love that has taken over

burning in anguish, in pain and pleasure!

Bismillah Bismillah

Too many souls, too many hearts

all hun-gry for love!

Bismillah Bismillah

We wish to set them all on fire

We wish to help them taste the sweetness!

Bismillah Bismillah

What shall I do? Where shall I go?

I’ve gone mad-yet appear to be sane!

Bismillah Bismillah

Those  mad in love

shall see through my pretense!

Bismillah Bismillah

We wait for you to come and join us

in a venture,  witnessed by the heavens!

Bismillah Bismillah

Prove you love to spread this love

for the sake of the Most Beloved!

Bismillah Bismillah.

Voice of Love

Voice of Love

Today I heard my voice in all it’s clarity

 To my astonishment this voice was Yours

The beauty I heard cannot be described by words or pen

It charmed me and I am full of love again

Drunk in your melody and dance to its echo!

My heart is intoxicated like a drunk drummer who has lost all sense of rythm

The beat of this drum shall carry on till your notes are heard again

The Sea of Love

The Sea of Love

Lovers flock together like birds of a feather

Keeping each other’s company

An addiction

A deadly virus

An obligation

A livelihood

A fraternity

Food for the soul..

Their hearts connect





Albeit strangers

These lovers are likened to rocks at the seashore

Some which lay upon the sand..

Others bathing in the sea..

While the select buried beneath the seabed

The Sea is Love!


The rocks upon the shore anguish to enter

Those which bathe within have entered the holy chamber

While those concealed beneath have fully immersed

They cannot be perceived

These ones have reached their goal..

They are One with the sea

One with Love

The Sea of Love!


There are those who stroll the seashore, yearning to join the stations of love..

While others; the onlookers, await invitation

The rest are busy in love with everything else but the Sea of Love

Let’s take a dip into that ocean

Let’s taste real Love

Let’s experience Eternal Love

The Sea of Love!