Ya Gumbatul Khadara

Ya Ghumbatul Khadraa
Ya Ghumbatul Khadraa

Bi Ismul Aba Zahara

Englighten me with nadhara*

Speak to me in hadara*

Connect me with thy silsila*

Ya Ghumbatul Khadraa
Ya Ghumbatul Khadraa

Charm me thy mahabba*

Enchant me like that shajarah*

Embrace me as an aashiqah*

Drown me in thy Khamaraa*

Ya Ghumbatul Khadraa
Ya Ghumbatul Khadraa

Protect me as your itaraa*

Enslave me like a royal shah

Captivate me like an abida

Command me as your khalifa

Ya Ghumbatul Khadraa
Ya Ghumbatul Khadraa

 Bi AyaatuT Tatheera*

Grace me with hubb al Fatima

Transform me into Khadima

Bi Fadhlul Sayeda Zainaba

Ya Ghumbatul Khadraa
Ya Ghumbatul Khadraa

I see you are the Green Kisa’

Which covered the Holy Itara

Mohammed, Ali, Fatima

Hassana was Hussaina

Ya Ghumbatul Khadraa
Ya Ghumbatul Khadraa

For all creation they are safeena*

From me to you in Madina

Blessings upon HabeebAllah

Who rests beneath the Khadaraa

Ya Ghumbatul Khadraa
Ya Ghumbatul Khadraa


The Land of Love

The Land of Love

How is it not possible to fall in love with a culture so rich in tradition

its flavors which entice the taste buds

and a people whose hospitality and generosity has no match? 

A land chosen to illumine the world with the light of Truth

In which a sweet serene musk lays that even the ancient Silk Road could not beget

The effusion of all this love radiates from the aroma that scents all that is amidst

Can you not sense this fragrance?

For surely it is none but you Oh Mustafa.!

City of Light

The City of Light


The mellow wind of this city

Has left an impression like no other

Its trees disheveled, humbly sway, dance shyly

Unlike its brethren who stand prim, proper, and tall

All contained within it has been set a limit

Except for thee; for you no limit!

Cars, cats, traffic, wind, sun, heat and cold

Our decibel levels too affixed

Where sound dare not exceed max pitch

All programmed to behave

An indescribable balance

Attuned by heavenly controls

A musical maestro’s symphony of love

Arrive empty handed

We visit thee in yearning and love

All flock to thee seeking salutations

Convey our peace

Humbled by your presence

Your Love and Light

A heavenly garden…

Speak in shallow voices

Sing praises to thee

Recite couplets of love to love

Tears shed

Hearts trickle droplets of honey

Playing our inner notes

Hearts dance to this silent reed

A rendition heard by none save You

Await your aid through a world unseen

Through you we seek refuge to all Divine blessing

For you are one equal to none

None like you nor ever shall come!

Your silence is sweet and comforting

Your presence is driving lovers mad

Your speech is melodious

Heard by the faculty flooded with yearning

Day and night in your remembrance

These lovers live only to hear your praise

If not for thee, no reason for ‘BE’

Breathe in and out all for your sake

Light from Light

Annihilated in the One.

Let us love all which comes from thee

Part of you

Flesh from you

Contains your blood

Those pillars of light

Perhaps if we die in love for them

For your sake and surely His

You’ll gift us with grace and gaze

Let us begin this journey today

Shall we suggest you seek his friends?

Lovers, servants, knower’s and friends

Travelers without a guide

Are followers of religion without a Prophet!

Once you’ve sought they’ll hold your hand

Travel with you where you dare shall not

Bring you where you wish to go

Take you to the unknown territory

The secret place…

The stations most sought…

Where time and space shall utter not

Where the select visit from time to time

Some return while others remain,

Mad lovers, friends and companions

Oh Tayba, Oh Munawarrah

Oh dwelling place of the Most Beloved

We love you for the sake of him!


Ya Yasin, Ya Sadiq

Ya Ahmad, Ya Hamid, Ya Mahmood,

Ya Jaddil Hassani wal Hussain

Ya Mawla Thaqalain, Ya Abil Qasim

Ya Aba Zahra

Ya Mohammed ibn Abdillah

Ya Qaaba Qawsaini

Light from Light of Allah

We love you for the sake of everything!

Oh sleeping nation whose description of him is like a dream

Come back to Tayba and reaffirm your pledge

As for those who seek nearness unto the most distinguished Light

Send praise to him, his family and companions!


The Bedouin and the Merchant

The Bedouin and the Merchant

‘You are Bedouin’ he proclaimed

‘Is this a joke, some kind of game?’

‘No! This calling truly befits my name.

A descendant of Al Hijaaz

Claiming to be ‘A Bedouin with a cause’

‘I swear to you, I know who is who and who was.’


If one can feel the other’s heart

This surely means, ‘now you are part’

A city dweller reclaims her Arab roots

While merchants and Bedouins ferociously dispute

Now the two must Unite

Without reclaiming each other’s right

For you both are brothers

In a Land of Love

So please take this olive branch and holy white dove

From me to you I humbly say

let’s stop our quibbling

 let’s not betray.


I’m telling you this land speaks to me

I too am a part of your rich history

The tree, camel, Bait ul Ateeq, the mystical peacock and even the Red Sea!

All in her tongue of eloquent mastery

Her message is UNITY


Come, Oh Merchant!

Come, Oh Bedu!

Let’s cast away our broken hearts

Mend our differences, forget the past

Let’s embalm ourselves with the Oud of Arabia

And make ourselves a living Utopia.


Tears of Blood

Tears of Blood


Built by Angels as the House of Ateeq,

Then by Adam

Marked by Abraham’s feet

The Holy Kaba was built, and built again

The symbol of Monotheism, the Secret of Human

A sign of unity and for the worship of One

The direction of Hymn for all under the Sun

She is our symbol

She stood in the barren valley with conviction

Persevering under all extreme condition

Her family the Hanifs

Her religion their Peace (Islam)

Yet do we realize..

That She was skillfully placed

Amongst the Valley of Bekkah

To be protected by the Mountains of Makkah.

The gracious Desert surrounding her,

Yet fertile as “Stop Flowing, Stop Flowing” by the Sigh of Hajer

She stood with this family for even longer

Her love for them, her attachment..

Likened to Mother Earth

Today she cries blood

Her ancient family has been snatched,

Call it rape or murder

The worst brutalities in her history..

She sees it all

She witness all this

It is happening now

Yet she is silent

Her language is ancient unknown to most

Shedding tears of blood

Heralding Divine Mercy,

Likened to none other than Noah’s flood


Her heart has been pierced akin to genocide’ How dare they commit these injustices’

‘My natural family, what’s happened to them?’

Who is listening, who is to defend this onslaught against my honor?

Surely this is the sign of the Final Hour!

So She sent her armies,

Who are silent, sincere and loyal

To seek her Imam who is most royal

Abraham’s descendants

Her spiritual Stewarts

“Lee elafi Quraysh”

Like the Ababeel,

The Awliya, the Nuqabah, the Nujabah,

The Ruqbah and Budala,

The Awtad and Al Aqtaab,

All Her Men,

With Her Cry She Summons

Labaik! They reply the era is nigh

For this House to wipe

Her tears of blood dry.


(Poetry by Bedu & Abul Hasan)


Man at the Gate

 The Man at the Gate    

The similitude of the ‘Man at the Gate’

Is indeed like the chosen son of Abraham

The modern day sacrficial son

Chosen to carry on the way of the Hanifs

Today is his day of sacrifice

Today the winds of change shall be set forth

Today the tables will turn this way

Today Lights and Rays of Truth shall donn

A new era, a new calling, a new horizon!

Souls of Light shall be gathered

Men of Truth shall be  prepared;

sent forth, empowered by Grace and Gaze

Like Jesus on the Cross

You’ve taken our pain, guilt and shame

Like Ishmael the brave and obedient son

You are the Bashful Hashemite Shareef

Upholding Truth like your forefathers

The Pride of this land

The son of Haramain

A man of unsurpassed presence

Possesing the staff of Moses

The cloak of Joseph

The Crown of Mustafa

A Flag Bearer of Truth

From the sons of Ali

Established truth like Al Hussain.



Your surgery incomprehesible to us all

Unknown to majority

A heavenly calculation at the precisest moment in history

Foreshawdowing a harvest like none before

The decree from the court of Crown of Creation

Shall now be seen and set in motion.

Thank you our Jesus

Thank you our Ishmael

Thank you our ‘Man at the Gate”

(April 4/2010)







Malaish Ya Makkah

Malaish Ya Makkah


I see thunder

I see lightning

I see the sun

Resembling Venus

She fumes in fury

I see the blessed mountains

Crumble to dust

I see NOT a new horizon!


As I close my eyes

In guilt to distract my vision

of this tragic reality

Images of destruction, greed, genocide, and oppression

come to life.

The sacred house

The Black Stone

The Makkans

Pilgrims united

All stand, frozen in time and space

Protest their anguish

Hands raised to the heavens;

“Has the final hour come?” They ask.

A voice calls out, “This is just the beginning!”

Still bystanders transformed to statues;

clay like figurines from prehistoric Arabia

The skies cry a mighty roar

Out pours Noah’s flood

A modern day deluge

Systematically sent by gruesome souls;

stone hearted capitalists

to wash away opposing residue.


A new day dawns

History a washed buried beneath layers of artifacts

treasures, sacred dwellings, Abrahamic heritage,

companions and female daughters.

Now all in abyss.

Extinct at last!


Processions follow

Grand ceremonies

Mass Celebrations

Media Madness

Economic boom

Ribbons cut

Surgeons gather to unveil New Bakkah.

Like a forced marriage

Bakkah sobs in utter sorrow

To the world like Mother Queen

She upkeeps her gracious smile

A modified bride stitched, scarred,

Coated with wax

Her blood stained gown

remains oblivious to the masses.

‘LE ELAFI QURAISH’ she murmurs in pain.

In shame we offer our condolence to you oh mother with two simple words:

Malaish Ya Makkah.