Dear Alicia,

The following is a dream I saw of you on June 10, 2013:

Seated beneath a starry night sky in a vast desert with a colossal gathering, I saw you in Royal Arabian attire reciting poetry to an audience. You wore a silken Bedouin attire and held a golden pearl-studded wine goblet with which you drank from.


I sat and listened to you recite among the audience. We were mesmerized by the recital; which was full of mystical rhythm and flavor..it’s hard to describe the feeling, but I felt as if we were all in a trance. The ambiance was superb. A pitch black starry sky and we all sat beneath with dim candle lights… In this intriguing  gathering, I noted there were three important personalities; The famed Kings of Arabia: H.R.H. King Khalid, Faisal and Abdullah. They too, as if in trance, cheered you on. I saw King Faisal rise and approach you with a trophy like reward or gift. You received it with grace and poise. I recall you being very composed and regal throughout and post recital.  This dream carried on throughout the night until I awoke. I felt the serenity. After arising fom sleep, I felt it a must to contact you and share this.  “WOW!!” is all I have to say and it was very therapeutic listening to you! (Fatiha)


Navida Burney

USA-June 2013


Zulaikha’s passion for poetry started in her primary years dating back as early as grade eight and has now come to full bloom in the land of her forefathers. Zulaikha claims to have drunk from the ‘Cup of Khayyam’ when she initially started writing poetry as a minor and considers the latter and the Rumi-Shems duo as her celestial mentors. Her carefully selected themes such as love, wine, separation and union, soulmates, and Ahlul Beit to name a few, may raise brows here, yet she is adamant in crossing ideological boundaries through the art of poetic expression in order to achieve a sense of humanistic equilibrium and unity. “Hearts and minds open up when words encapsulated in tablets of love touch the soul; a healing effect, says Zulaikha. All her works are expressions of her personal experience in the ‘Land of Love’ and have a lot to do with the ‘special friends’ she meets along the way.

 Zulaikha recalls her tender impressions of Arabia as warm, enriching and mysterious. She concludes her work is symbolically linked with three key remnants she received during the two year period she lived in Dahran as a child. These three remnants, she remarks are, a soul mate story book, a stuffed unicorn and a pair of sturdy scissors. “Strange enough, these are the only three childhood items from Saudi Arabia that have mysteriously remained with me for over two and a half decades” says Zulaikha.  “I was unconsciously initiated into the Path of Love with a western children’s classic story of two dinosaur ‘soul-friends’ akin to the famous Eastern legend of Mevlana Rumi and Shems.Our life’s path may open up to us in different shapes and forms, sometimes gradual, and for some, suddenly. It is how we choose to receive and utilize such openings. There is a calling for each one of us, directing us towards our life’s path.”  As long as Zulaikha is stationed in Arabia, her passion to express through pen, brush and of course the cup shall not halt.

Noon & Zulaikha Productions®

Depiction of Noon, Zulaikha and the Essence; ‘Nafisa the Cup Bearer’


For the first time in Hejaz, Zulaikha sets out to perform Mystical Expressions in the Land of Love. “We come with the message of love through sound and poetry.”

Poetess and Healer, Zulaikha, recites her poetry in dedication to Hejaz, Ahlul Beit and a wide variety of sedating themes.

“The fusion of Mystical Poetry and Sound shall turn you ecstatic-Guaranteed!”

We offer Hejazi folk an opportunity to reminiscence and appreciate the message and true spirit of Hejaz; love.

Noon and Zulaikha Productions® offer a variety of options for Hejazis’ to select from:

  • Private gatherings
  • Parties
  • Family Gathering
  • Special Occasions
  • Ceremonies
  • Poetry Reading with/without instruments option available for large and small groups

Poetic Theme Choices to Select from:

  • Love
  • Soul Family
  • Twin Souls
  • Wine
  • Guides
  • Friends
  • Separation and Union
  • Our Way
  • Hejaz
  • Alhul Beit
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